Top tips for being green in a global world

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With such a global focus on the importance of sustainability, what could you do to make your events and meetings more sustainable? Here, Fabrizio Della Pace, chief operating officer at Rentuu, shares his best practice advice on how to ensure events are delivered sustainably. 


This August, the meetings and events industry was invited to take part in a survey that will shape an action plan on how the global events industry could achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2015, 193 member states vowed to address 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of making a difference to climate change, infrastructure and economic growth by 2030.


Finding the right suppliers is key to your success; the supply chain plays an essential role in the delivery of your event. Not only because of the skill and knowledge that suppliers possess; you must consider the impact of transportation and the carbon footprint of travel miles.


Communicating your sustainability goals through your tender process is a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) and your commitment to the environment. What’s more, you could analyse your entire supply chain to ensure they complement your own green ideals.


It’s imperative to engage your supply chain early, involve suppliers in the planning process and encourage your chosen suppliers to work together.

For example, have you considered asking suppliers via your request for proposals (RFP) documentation to demonstrate how they work with other trusted contractors?


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