What Does London’s Summer 2019 Event Landscape Look Like

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The event industry isn’t one entity - every company has vested interest in throwing events, meaning each and every party have varying personalities. Which is exciting, largely because of the diversity it offers the industry's landscape. On any given day in London, you’ll find a wide-spanning range of events, from charity fundraisers with team members sweating worrying amounts on exercise bikes all the way to the city's wealthiest sipping champagne on rooftops. And each time, there’s usually a unique spin or theme to it. 

This is why each year what is in feels so different from the last. And why so many people want to work in the industry, it’s undeniably fresh! So, considering that: what does this summer’s landscape look like? What new and exciting things are happening this summer?


This is the third year of cinema on the Thames, and it still isn’t anywhere near losing a Oh Okay, That’s Quite Odd aspect. I mean, obviously, it would be fun! But also, at the same time, slightly odd? When you watch a movie you watch a movie. I’m not entirely sure floating on a body of water while watching a movie would better the experience, but then again, it very well may do! Nonetheless, it’s a really cool idea that embodies the go-getter vibe of the London events scene!


For what you’d usually pay hundreds for, you get for free! Some of the most popular songs from the west end come to trafalgar square. It’s a great event this one, and it is enjoyed by thousands in London.





Ok so, this sounds like an idea that someone had after a few glasses of wine that actually ended up materialising, but hey, go along with it: you’re strapped into a chair surrounding a perfectly normal table on which you dine. Why are you strapped in you ask? Well, you’re elevated 100ft so you can dine with the London skyline as a backdrop. It sounds… exciting? Of course it is exciting, we’re just somewhat shocked it’s a thing! However, it’s bound to a dazzling event that brands opt for when it comes to top-tier schmoozing, no doubt!




As part of a rebranding and change in pricing structure, The View From the Shard has opened to more private events. Collaborating with AOK and Wefindvenues, more corporate events will now take place in this iconic building that showcases endless vistas! We’ll think this will get a lot of attention this summer!







Slightly different in the fact it’s a street food hall and not an event, but this is a go-to location for the entirety of the summer. The magnetic pull once the sun appears can be directly linked to its open-plan nature. It’s a great place to bring clients and grab a beer and some food.



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