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Nationwide Delivery 0333 939 8074

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Rentuu has cut costs, saved us precious time, and helped us enhance our client experience through spectacular props at brand activations such as photo booths, cotton candy machines etc. It’s really enabled our business to be much more agile and allowed us to focus on new opportunities. Keep up the good work.
Director at Model Village
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Super quick bookings
We allow fast online check-outs because or real-time stock availability

Sourcing Experts
Our business model centres itself around the best technology available because the proper use of this gives our clients a better service at more affordable price
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We accept all major credit cards and our secure payment system holds all your money safe and in Escrow until after your event has gone perfectly

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We put lots of time into thoughtfully recommending the best fit for your event. We’re never shy to go the extra mile!
We make renting online easy and hassle-free. Creating a simple platform where you can rent a wide range of products from furniture, event, fitness, and music equipment online.