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7 Stunning Instagram Accounts to Spark Your Worlderlust

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

As much as we all love to travel, it often leaves a more negative imprint on the planet than it does a positive one. That's why the responsible tourism movement is a real breath of fresh air (no pun intended) for our planet at large. But what exactly is 'responsible' aka 'eco' tourism, and who are its thought leaders?

Responsible tourism seeks to reduce our carbon footprint (eg. taking the train instead of flying), engaging and giving back to local communities (vs. buying from mass-produced corporations) and staying in eco-friendly resorts and accommodation.

But if you're new to the concept, it can feel a tad overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to being a responsible traveler. 

Here are 7 bloggers you should follow to kick-start your green wanderlust journey. 

1. Green Suitcase Travel

Misty's blog and Instagram are packed with endlessly inspiring photos and ideas on everything from planning your trip to ensure you're doing your utmost to achieve both the trip of a lifetime while remaining eco-conscious. She also offers travel consultancy services if you're looking for professional green insight into your jetsetting goals. 

2. Gondwana Eco-Tours

Providing sustainable, locally-crafted tours to unique destinations, browsing through Gondwana Instagram is a dangerous act... we guarantee you'll want to quit your job and take up traveling for life. I mean, just look at those little gorillas! 

3. Mindful Wanderlust

Not only is this gorgeous blog and Instagram filled with inspiring and adventurous travels (that admittedly make us a little green with envy), but it's also home to a host of scrumptiously delicious vegan recipes from all around the world. Travel tips + healthy veggie food = perfection.  

4. Travel for Wildlife

Founded by Cristina and Hal - an uber-talented travel photographer and passionate zoologist, Travel for Wildlife is jam-packed with stunning images of wildlife, photography and travel tips and so much more. 

5. Vegatleticas

Next time you hear the old adage that 'vegan food is boring', do them a favour and show them Lucy and Ana's mouth-watering Instagram. Not only are they fans of laid-back cool sustainable travel, but they also take the most colourful and appetizing photos of their gorgeously nourishing meals.  Win-win!

6. Travelista Bonita

Travelista Bonita aka Tina is all about responsibly exploring the world. A zoologist and vegetarian, she has a knack for taking super cool photos in dreamy locations. It helps that she has a fabulous fashion sense, too! 

7. Green Global Travel

On a mission to encourage travel enthusiasts to pursue responsible tourism, Green Global Travel truly believe in the healing power of nature. Their motto is "saving the world, one story at a time" - and it truly does show through their passionate articles and gorgeous photography.


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