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Event equipment hire just got easier!

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Event equipment hire has always been easy with Rentuu, but now it just got easier. Andrea Guzzoni and Dennis Helderman, co-founders of Rentuu, explains.

For two years, Rentuu has worked with thousands of events professionals across Europe, providing an unrivalled service that allows event organisers to compare, book and monitor their event equipment hire requirements from reputable event suppliers.

Our innovative technology platform has saved event organisers valuable time and money. Equally, it has helped event suppliers to boost their business with orders for events taking place across the UK and Europe.

To be part of a vibrant, buoyant and creative sector is an absolute pleasure, but things are about to get even more exciting.

Game-changing solution

Rentuu is delighted to reveal that we are now part of the easy family of brands and easyHire powered by Rentuu technology, will launch early next year.

In fact, delighted is an understatement because easyGroup and Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyJet, have invested in Rentuu and are both shareholders.

Such investment is game-changing. Rentuu is now associated with a consumer brand that is recognised by 98 per cent of the UK market and by 90 per cent in Europe. Naturally, such huge brand awareness catapults our business and gives us a strong competitive advantage in a busy events marketplace.

Seamless digital customer experience

So what does this investment mean? In early 2020, easyHire, powered by Rentuu technology, will enter the market, allowing events professionals to access event equipment hire in an easier and simpler way.

In fact, we believe that easyHire will be the first European brand — dedicated to event equipment hire — that will offer a truly seamless digital customer experience with operational delivery across the continent. We already have more than 100 participating suppliers across 10 different countries from furniture to audio/visual signed up.

But what does this mean for you and Rentuu? It means organisers will continue to source event equipment hire through us and we will continue to support event equipment hire businesses with the backing of an established, trusted and global brand.

Brand values

easyGroup’s brand values, which include great value, relentless innovation and an honest, open, caring and fun culture, mirror ours, and the amazing events sector in which we choose to work.

And now that Rentuu is part of the easy family, we can build on those brand values, and capitalise on the value, power and respect that is associated with the easy brand.

We believe that event equipment hire businesses will benefit greatly from this association. Building a multi-million pound brand is expensive and resource intensive so by collaborating with the easy family, everything becomes… well, easier. Business gets done quicker and in a more seamless fashion. Plus, let’s not forget the benefits of having access to an internationally recognised brand and partner network.

Positive future

We believe that being associated with the easy family is a hugely positive step with far-reaching advantages for both event organisers and event suppliers.

In the coming weeks and months, there will be even more exciting announcements that we are certain will transform the event equipment hire sector. We want you to be part of this awesome and exhilarating journey too so watch out. It’s all about to get a little bit orange.

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