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Here's How to Choose the Right Marquee for a Summer Party

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Marquees are hands down the single most flexible canvas for an event of any occasion. Their versatility and style have helped them earn a reputation of being the go-to addition to any outdoor party: event planners love them. Whether you've been tasked with planning a wedding or a corporate garden party, here's how you can use marquees to elevate your event:

  • A back-up area in case it rains
  • To cover up the dance floor/a band
  • As a bar, eating or sit-down area.

But, as popular and versatile as they may be, if you're new to the idea of hiring a marquee, or, perhaps, don't feel 100% confident in your options, hiring a marquee for an event can feel like a truly daunting task. How do you navigate the minefield that is figuring out what works and what doesn't?! From stretch tent to traditional marquees, the marquee options are wide-ranging, and it can be exhausting to figure out 

That's why we've put together an easy, no-frills guide to finding a marquee that's best suited to your needs. 

Figure out how many people will attend

First thing's first, you need to establish how guests you'll be accommodating, and the function the marquee is set to serve. For example, a marquee aimed at providing cover for 150 guests at a sit-down dinner will be different than one where casual pre-dinner canapes and drinks will take place. 

Generally speaking, a 3m-wide marquee is great for a catering and informal seating area (that won’t be too imposing in your garden), while the larger 4m range is great for accommodating more guests with seating and a dance floor. For a larger party -- we're talking 60 plus guests -- a 6m-wide marquee will allow for a more formal seating plan and extra furniture.

Establish your budget

It's pretty self-explanatory that the bigger a marquee you need, the more you'll have to pay. But style and materials are important factors to marquee budgeting. As a general rule of thumb, polyethylene (PE) marquees are cheaper than their PVC counterparts. 

PVC has a more high-end, luxurious finish than PE, making PVC marquees ideal for upmarket events such as weddings. It is also highly durable and has a long lifespan, even when being used regularly, so is a popular choice for commercial events. PE is more often used for smaller-scale, domestic events such as children's parties. Both materials stand up well to a range of weather conditions, however, PVC is the ultimate, all-weather material as it is completely watertight and extremely hardwearing. 

The finishing touches: styling and decor

Will you need heaters? If so, which ones (always remember to factor in health and safety)? Or perhaps your event is set to happen in the middle of a heatwave, which means you'll likely need fans? Also: don't forget that lighting is everything: from fairy lights to chandeliers, lighting is key to creating the right ambiance. There's also elements of flooring, bunting, floristic touches. The key is making sure the type of marquee you've chosen aligns with the sort of experience you want to create for your guests. 

If you're looking to hire a marquee for your event, please let us know and one f our expert account managers will gladly accommodate your needs. 


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