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Our Journey So Far: Can We Help You More?

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Rentuu is proud to have evolved in various dynamic ways from the days of our conception almost two years ago. For starters, in the early days, we were predominantly a B2C company, but are now entirely B2B. Our first clients were solely based in London, yet today we operate all across Europe and the UK, with offices in Kiev, Milan and Dublin (and many more in the works). The size of our team has grown 10x in size, and we continue to rapidly expand every month. We've sourced event equipment to renowned brands, from the BBC to Marriott Hotels, and just last week we exhibited at and sponsored the UK's largest event for event industry professionals - Confex 2019.

Don't get us wrong - we're not boasting or anything. Our journey was (and still often is - just ask any given member of our tireless team) accompanied by numerous challenges. Securing trust with clients, finding and vetting quality suppliers, keeping each other motivated in times of unprecedented stress and exhausted - all of this was tough, but it was also integral to our growth as a business. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they say, and this aphorism couldn't be relevant than in this crazy, tech startup world. 

After all, if you're trying to change the face of the industry, you have to embrace the journey in all of its fun, unpredictable and sometimes, downright painful reality. 

live and learn... and then learn some more

The one thing we did grasp pretty fast is that reason we exist as a company is you. Yes, you. Nothing interests Rentuu more than making your life as an event professional as easy as humanly possible, which means we are obsessed with listening to your pain points, finding innovative and effective ways of addressing them, and then listening some more to your feedback. 

This is how we gave birth to the idea of Rentuu Business Hub - a trailblazing feature that, to be honest, is so simple it's a tiny bit ridiculous no one's thought to come up with it before. 

enter: rentuu business hub

So what's this magical Business Hub all about, you ask? Well, as mentioned above, the idea is pretty straightforward: centralise your event equipment supplier search into one platform. Essentially, this means that if you're looking for new suppliers, or want to compare the prices in a market that is unfamiliar to you, you can head on over to Rentuu Business Hub, search for the items you need to hire, put in the request and - voila - you wait for quotes from various suppliers to come into your inbox. You can rest assured that all suppliers are vetted and come with a rating that reflects their promptness and reliability. 

In short: Rentuu Business Hub reduces the time you would have spent searching for suppliers (and chasing for quotes) by 30%. It's really very handy - you can spend the time you save with Rentuu on things that matter to your business, while our account managers/Business Hub takes care of your equipment hire needs. Simples! 

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