First of all let’s be clear: we want to be a helping hand to the industry. Although we are purveyors of technology, something we do feel this industry desperately needs, we are here to help you grow. That’s the nature of our business, helping.

We’re future-proof, ready for any wave of technology and we want to share that with you. But hey, we’re digressing. So let’s get to the point: our website is getting more hits than ever before, and the pattern shows the only way is up.

Traffic’s Growing, Which Is Great

Since our inception, our traffic has grown month-to-month. At the start it was steady, now it’s quite significant. It appears we’re now in the stage of our initial vision being realised and to be honest, we’re ecstatic about that. But we’re not writing this to show off - we know how unattractive that is. The cause of this piece is simple and exciting for all suppliers in our network: getting your product to more people’s eyes.

Our biggest selling point is undeniably the extra outreach you receive with us. To put it into perspective, if you were to pay for Google Adwords campaign that were to reach 100,000 people you’d be paying upwards of £1000 - and still then, the people seeing the advert may not be the right audience and your conversions rate will most probably be relatively low. For many, the end doesn’t justify the means.

With Rentuu your inventory reaches similar numbers of eyes monthly and it’s the exactly the audience you want.

Quick Re-cap: Using advertising to reach the same number of eyes as you do on Rentuu would cost £1000+ and wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Naturally, You’ll Get More Business

The obvious upside to this is when if you decide to use Rentuu or if you’re already a supplier of ours, you’ll inexplicably get more business. Which is, at the end of the day, what everyone wants. And we do everything on your terms and pricing. As said, we entered this industry to help grow and that’s exactly what we do.

Future-proof Within Minutes

The internet can be a bit of a struggle sometimes - if you’re not totally equipped with the ins-and-outs of modern technology, it can be slightly intimidating. Especially so considering we’re being told from all directions that you must adapt otherwise you will be forgotten.

When joining Rentuu, our ever-growing platform, not only are you instantly configured for these technology-driven times, your products are also seen by thousands of more customers daily.