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3 Ways Flexible Equipment Rentals Can Boost Your Events Business

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Working in event management is exciting and often unpredictable. It's also one of the few industries where hard work actually pays off.

The monumental effort that goes into organising large-scale events can't be understated: not only do you need to be ultra-organised, possess an unparalleled attention to detail and a knack for staying calm and collected when seemingly everything goes the opposite of according to plan, you also have to balance the ability to be an incredible project manager with untarnished flexibility. To say it isn't easy would be to say nothing at all.

A great way to reduce all the stress is to work with a reliable and flexible equipment rentals company like

According to AMA Research, 'the UK has a well-developed infrastructure of event destinations, venues and service suppliers, with estimates regarding the annual income from UK events typically at over £40 billion.' (AMA, 2017).

An equipment hiring company can help leverage your business in the following ways:

1. In the event of a breakdown, you'll have backup. 

There are undoubtedly benefits to owning some of your event equipment outright - for one, you don't need to worry about securing a specific equipment in time for your event - this especially rings true if this piece of equipment is one that you often use.

Take outdoor heaters as an example: patio heaters are often bought in bulk by restaurants and pubs - not necessarily because they have a garden or much in the way of outdoor event space, but because certain types of parties, like bonfire night or the annual Christmas party, require consistent, reliable, outdoor heating.

When you've put the amount of work that you have into planning a seamless event, the last thing you want to see happen is a piece of technical equipment giving way. A patio heater can make or break an outdoor event - if yours breaks down unexpectedly, panic can easily ensue. 

However, technical glitches aren't the only bits of unexpected misfortune event management companies face. If you find yourself relying on, say, a plush sofa to really pull together a gallery space in the event of an opening, and the sofa you've arranged for the occasion shows up damaged or not quite as you expected, arranging for a last minute sofa hire might seem like an impossible task - but it isn't. will help you take care of all the above scenarios: patio heaters and sofas are just some of the products we provide to individual clients and event management companies. Better yet, we have no qualms about working at short notice, delivering your equipment within your chosen time frame and collecting it directly from you when you're done.

2. Keeping up with industry trends will be infinitely easier.

Tech innovations are all well and good, but their implications for event planning industry can be nothing short of a nightmare: it's difficult to keep up with the latest make of audio speakers, DJ sets, lighting and interactive multi-touch interfaces, but your guests demand that you do. 

According to Eventbrite's Annual Pulse Report (2017), 'VR and AR has now started to penetrate the consciousness of event organisers, with 31% now actively considering it for their events, up from 23% last year.' Going out and purchasing all the latest event tech essentials wouldn't be wise. Instead, look into hiring gadgets online from reputable tech equipment rental companies. 

By hiring the latest equipment online, you'll be able to leave all that worrying about whether or not your Audio/Visual equipment is up-to-date to someone else. 

3. Lower your spending costs.

Buying equipment - from electronics, to heaters, to furniture - means spending a hefty amount of money: not only on the purchase itself, but also on maintenance costs. In the event of a minor fault or complete breakdown, these costs can quickly skyrocket into the thousands.

Plus, event equipment takes up a lot of space, and unless you're lucky to own your very own mini warehouse, so chances are you'll need to spend even more hard earned cash on finding and finance a space to store it.  

By outsourcing your equipment to an online rental company like, you'll save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money, and be free to invest the money you save into other aspects of your business. 

Rentuu Case Study:

During the peak of the heatwave in August 2017, Whitechapel Gallery contacted with a request to hire several high-quality fans for an event. The order came at relatively short notice, as the heatwave once again caught local London businesses off guard. We arranged for the delivery to take place within the requested time slot, and collected the fans the day after the event. 


Equipment rental companies can help you leverage your event management business. Whether you manage a party organising business or run a local gallery or events space, renting equipment online can:

  • Help you keep your costs down
  • Help you find back up in the event of an existing piece of equipment or furniture breaking down and
  • Help you keep in with the latest equipment trends. is your single point of contact for all of the above.

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