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5 Products You Should Be Hiring to Ease Your Fashion Business Operations

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Whether you run an e-commerce store or a retail boutique, the business of fashion is fast-paced and challenging. The list of things a CEO needs to keep on top of is exhausting; from operations, to marketing, to sourcing and cash flow, tax-returns -- -- and more

But thanks to disruptive technologies, you can now streamline your business and spend more time on the aspects of running a company that you enjoy most. And hopefully, as an added bonus, you'll have that little bit of extra time to simply unwind.

An often overlooked option for achieving a leaner operations process is hiring essentials rather than buying them. The maintenance costs and lack of adequate storage space are reason enough to bypass bulk-buying in favour of hassle-free product rentals, plus, if you run a showroom or are hosting a fashion event of any kind, you're likely to need large quantities of items, which can easily run into four digit figures. 

So, to help you figure out what kinds of things you can be renting rather than buying, we've made a list of 5 popular products that fashion businesses are already making the most of. 

1. Steamer

Considering that clothes are, you know, the core aspect of your business, it's imperative they always look picture perfect. This is especially pertinent if you have an important event on the cards, like a fashion week showroom, product launch party, or even a private sale markdown. So how do you ensure unsightly creases are banished? With a steamer of course! 

And while as a fashion business owner you're most likely to already have one, what happens if the sheer volume of clothes you have means that the one trusted is simply not enough? If you're short on time, and need to have a team working on sorting your clothes out to make them look presentable, you'd hardly want them to be sharing. What do you do, then? You hire one, or two, or, hell, even a dozen of them through 

2. Clothes Rails

Clothes rails are the obvious best way to showcase your beautiful fashion collection, and if you're a retail shop owner, you probably own quite a few of them anyway. But if you're prepping for a showroom or an event, you're likely to need extra rails for display and organisational purposes. Instead of stocking up on dozens of rails that you'll struggle to find storage space for in the aftermath of your event, you can simply hire the amount you need for the time that you need them for, without all the hassle. The best thing about renting clothes rails is that that you'll only pay for the days that you use them for, which means you'll also be saving a pretty penny!

3. Mirror

We bet you didn't know you could hire mirrors, did you? Well, you certainly can! Whether you need extra mirrors for practical or decorative purposes, they can be an expensive, and tricky to handle to boot. Rentuu not only offers flexible deliveries and collections, real-time pricing and a vast collection of high-quality products, but it also helps install whatever equipment you choose to hire, saving you loads of time in the process.

4. Glassware

Launching a new collection? Celebrating your business' anniversary? Or perhaps you're having an office party in lieu of Fashion Week? Whatever the occasion, it's not a party unless fizz is present. But unless you've a secret stash of 30+ champagne glasses lying around (no judgment), you'll need to figure out how to cater to your guest's drinking needs. Thankfully, Rentuu offers a fine selection of quality glassware -- from champagne flutes to wine glasses. Take a look at the full selection over here

5. Air Conditioner

Virtually everyone in the fashion industry is familiar with the nightmare scenario of a boiling hot shop floor or showroom. Unfortunately, sweating buckets is not a good look (outside of the beach), regardless of how classy your outfit might be. To alleviate the all too familiar pain of poor ventilation and a lack of air conditioners -- especially among period buildings in London -- you should seriously consider hiring an portable air con. This is especially important if you're looking to invite people to what's likely to be a tight retail space (unless you don't mind them boiling).


As a business owner you've already got enough on your plate. You can help streamline your operations processes by using a reliable online rentals platform like Rentuu for whenever you have an important event, new collection launch, or any other occasion. 

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