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This ONE Surprising Tip Will Make You Enjoy Running a Fashion Business

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

The glitz and glam of setting up one's own boutique is the ultimate dream for many budding and experienced buyers, designers and fashion enthusiasts. Hunting down that perfect evening evening gown your clients can't resist and attending the myriad gorgeous Fashion Week shows (and their infamous after parties) - what could possibly go wrong?!

In reality, fashion business is still business, in spite of it's pizzazz image. Before you leap in headfirst into the world of setting up your own company, you'll have to first up ask yourself the really tough questions like, "do I really want to set up my own fashion business?!", if the answer is still 'yes', you'll need to master 101 fashion business basics (this includes inventory management, which - you've guessed it - involves spreadsheets), understand the importance of investing in the right people, knowing who your clients are and setting the right prices

But there's one little-known, hidden stress factor that might completely ruin the entire running a fashion business experience for you, and that's accidental appliance breakdown. 

In fashion business, appearances matter. If you're thinking of running a boutique or have recently launched one, you've probably figured by now that visual merchandising is a must do

And we're not just talking shop windows here.

Visual merchandising extends to all the elements of your store space: from the hangers, to the comforts of your changing room, to the lighting and more. 

Now, think of all the technical elements that make up a top-notch, curated retail space.

We're not only talking about the lamps, chairs, and subtle elements of decor here.

Appliances like steamers, heating appliances and air conditioners do the heavy lifting on the 'invisible work' needed to ensure your space looks like and feels like it's worthy of its clientele. 

Now, imagine how easily the entire concept can collapse should one of these appliances break down?!

Finding a last-minute clothes steamer to make those gowns look immaculate is more difficult than you think. And the expense involved in buying a brand new air conditioner or fan in the peak of summer? Ouch. Forget it. 

If worst comes to worst, having a contingency plan makes the world of difference. Instead of collapsing in stress, you'll confidently tackling the issues head-on and stride on. 

Renting a steam cleaner, hiring an air conditioner or fan or even renting an iron and ironing board should your appliances fail you is more time and cost efficient than buying brand new appliances. 

Imagine: while your steam cleaner is sent off to repair, you'll simply hire a steam cleaner online through Rentuu for as little or as long as you need it. Better yet, it'll be delivered to you and collected from you, so you needn't waste time on faffing with collections and drop offs.

Voila. Running a retail boutique has never been less stressful!

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