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Inside Their Day: Fabrizio, Our Head of Operations

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Inside Their Day is a series we run in which a staff member of Rentuu details the inner workings of their day, expanding upon the challenges and positives, as well as letting us in on the little things they find themselves doing in the lost minutes. 

At Rentuu, things move fast. We’ve expanded quicker than ever expected, foraging into new markets and accumulating more and more staff seemingly by the day. This growth, whilst great and we believe much deserved, can mean at times - even for us - who does what here goes a bit lost. 

Sometimes it’s important to just step back, and explicitly state your goals, intentions, and how you go about it. It’s insightful for all those around you and perhaps surprisingly for some, yourself too. Plus, it’s always fun to hear about the intricacies of other people’s jobs, right? 

So without further ado, here’s the day of Fabrizio, our rockstar Head of Operations.

8:03AM:  Enter the office, make a coffee, check all my unread emails, and start cracking on with our incoming deals 

8:41AM:  Catch up with operations and sales team; scoping what is still open from the previous day. We decide what to prioritise and set our KPIs. 

9:32AM:  Connect with our product lead regarding website feedback, establish some takeaways, and move on with my day 

10:05AM:  I am Italian and coffee runs through my veins so I have another espresso, essential to my productivity and general happiness 

11:03AM:  Meeting with our UX Designer to discuss the future of all of Rentuu’s products. 

12PM: Grab a bite to eat in order to refuel for the afternoon. Very important. I opt for focaccia.

13:07PM: Admin time! Process payments, reply to other staff on Slack, clear personal inbox, and follow-up with potential partnerships and clients. Riveting stuff!

14:03PM: Connect with suppliers, ensuring orders for that day are going to plan and everyone is happy, client and supplier. 

15:32PM: Quick meeting with Rentuu’s directors to discuss future investment rounds and our long-term strategy regarding that 

16:43PM: An end of the day catch-up with our overseas team, who are in a different time-zone, to ensure all daily KPIs have been met and no loose ends have fallen through. 

17:32PM: Daily clean-up, in a literal capacity (my desk) and in an technological capacity (my emails!), 

18:03PM: Pen in goals for tomorrow and head out of the office.

So that's Fabrizio's day coloured! Next, we'll be diving into Dennis' day, one of Rentuu's directors.

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