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It's Here! An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Solution to Temporary Furniture

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

There's a couple of things where it's particularly hard to be sustainable, and furniture is one of them. Imagine this scenario: you've just relocated to a new home or office, or, perhaps, you're hosting a party in a not-so-well-furbished venue. You need a lounge area, you need chairs and you need tables. The only solution - or so you think anyway - is to buy cheap, fall-apart-after-using-it-once furniture. You're wrong.

Ever considered that hiring temporary furnishings - akin to a sort of Amazon Prime click and buy service - was possible? Well, it is. At, you can hire everything from two-seater sofas, coffee tables, floor lamps to office chairs and even bed linen, an online marketplace for hiring virtually any product online, caters exactly to YOUR needs: to use high-quality products for a short period of time. Rentuu's focus on working with trusted, top-of-the-range companies and a sharp eye for premier products, we aim to make the process of hiring furniture absolutely seamless and completely hassle-free.

The fantastic thing is that this concept is not only good to your bank account, but it is also conducive to our environment. 
Spiralling global populations and over-consumption put a massive burden on natural resources, and the easiest way to do reduce the destruction is to invest in (or hire) high quality, long-lasting products vs. buying cheaper, poor quality counterparts.

So if you're looking to hire furniture on a short-term (or perhaps even longer-term) basis, check out 

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