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Last Week We Sourced the Unsourceable

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

A Client couldn't get find what they wanted

Last week we received a call from Wales. The caller expressed they had contacted endless equipment hire companies trying to find an exact number of a certain bench. Of course, they had no luck doing so, so they came to us.

So they got in touch with us

A problem we noticed very early on whilst operating in this industry was people - after dedicating decent time to searching - being able to find a supplier with the product they want, but not the quantity. With Rentuu, we make sure that isn’t the case. We have an elaborate pool of suppliers from which we can source, meaning we can often find exactly what you want within minutes. 

We fulfilled their order within an hour

In this one scenario of struggle, we had the desired benches in an hour. But that's just Rentuu: we make renting equipment - no matter how niche - as easy as possible. In this scenario that meant us sourcing from several of our suppliers to make sure we meet their exact requirements. In others, it might be as simple as having one invoice - something those organising Christmas parties soon will deem invaluable. And sometimes, it’s just the ease of being able to order within three clicks. Whatever the reason, we always manage to simplify process of renting equipment.  

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