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Why Rentuu Solutions Works For You

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

You’ve heard us say it a few times - ok, you’ve heard us say it a lot of times. But what exactly is Rentuu Solutions and why does it work for you? Or, in a slightly more direct manner, why should you suddenly change the way you work because some random company asks you to? As that does seem a bit crazy, we know. 


Questions we expected and questions that we are more than ready to answer. Of course, if you’d like to speak to someone regarding this over the phone, feel free to do so - we’re always ready to have a chat (0330 808 8674). Those who like to read at their own pace (6 Minute Read), this is the resource for you. 

Why SHould You listen to us?

We’re barely a year old and we’re already the fastest growing equipment hire platform in the world. We’ve recently expanded to Ireland, and we have Holland and Italy in the pipeline. We’re doing well and we want you on that journey with us so you can grow. 

We predict your doubt, however. When does a company truly want other companies to grow - not in this day and age. There, however, is a very, very simple answer which well and truly highlights our intentions. For us to grow, we need you. With the addition of your services our prices better and our inventory enlarges. You’re instrumental in our growth and we could perhaps be instrumental in your growth, too. As with us, you will inevitably get more business - something we briefly explored in this resource of ours written for you, the suppliers. But today, we’re discussing one of the key incentives for suppliers, Rentuu Solutions, so let’s. 

Rentuu Solutions

  • Stock Management
  • Staff Control
  • Invoice Generating 

Stock is the first point of business for an equipment rental company. And, although it sounds simple, those working in the industry know that managing stock be one of the most difficult parts of the job. When you have clients all over the city, renting the same items but returning them at different times, it can become difficult to track, especially so if you keep record manually. 

This isn’t the case with Rentuu Solutions. Our software has real-time stock management updates, so no matter how confusing the order becomes, you can keep track. For example, say you have 40 chairs to rent, with 20 in one part of town, 8 in another, and the remaining 12 going out at 3PM. The former comes back in at 4PM and the latter 2PM. The 3PM order calls to reduce her order to 10. You begrudgingly agree. They then ask to increase their order. Annoying, but more business, so you agree. It’s easy to get lost with what stock you have where. 

Rentuu Solutions bypasses this potential confusion. As we said, it makes it a breeze. 

You can manage your staff and their working times. Once again, although simple, it’s an unnecessary annoyance taken from your shoulders. And again, this version of Rentuu Solutions is entirely free when you sign a contact with us.

Invoicing is annoying. Another speed bump in your commute to work annoying; it won’t infuriate you, but it will make you give the coffee vendor the cold shoulder - no cheers for you. That’s exactly how annoying invoices are, we know. So we do them for you. 

Rentuu solutions premium

  • Stock Trends  
  • Market Intelligence
  • Cross-Hire Ecosystem

Although you may have kept track of trends before, with Rentuu Solutions you can really dissect what equipment of yours did well and what didn’t do well at certain times of the year. Such information is great when it comes to choosing what stock to buy and sell. 

The program doesn’t just have information on your renting trends, either. It offers an insight into the entire industry - what’s renting well and what isn’t. This is where Rentuu Solutions offers your business the opportunity to grow. You won’t only be able to manage your own stock better, but you can better equip yourselves for a bigger pool of clients. Which is very important now, especially as we as a society are looking more towards renting in a bit to achieve a sustainable, clutter-free society. 

You get a call. Naturally, you’re excited - it’s been a quiet week. The voice is gleaming with positivity, enthusiasm, and perhaps most desirably, urgency. They almost shout the need for 200 chairs - specific chairs - and an appropriate amount of tables to match. You don’t have the kind, but the weeks been so quiet you need to take the order on. 

This is totally doable with Rentuu Solutions Premium. You can, without hassle, hire from our pool of suppliers within the program meaning this issue can be solved in minutes. More business, less hassle. 

It, quite simply, works for you

We designed this software so you could benefit more. If this has piqued your interest, get in contact.

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