Moving into a New, Empty Home and Need Short-Term Furnishings? We Have THE Solution.

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Moving home is an exciting but stressful time. Whether you’ve finally got yourself on the ever-elusive property ladder (lucky you!), or have found the perfect rental home, you’re likely to be faced with a number of dilemmas: packing the mountains of stuff you didn’t realise you had, organising a removal van that will actually turn up on time, and, eventually, settling in and cosy-fying your new place. But what happens when your new abode is completely unfurnished? Sure, you’re likely to have ordered a bunch of spanking new stuff, but furniture takes a notoriously long time to dispatch. From luxurious, custom-made Italian beds to Ikea chest of drawers’, it takes a good 2-3 weeks ‘til everything actually arrives. So, what in the world do you do and where on Earth do you sleep? 

This is where Rentuu comes in. Designed specifically with expats’ and home-movers’ problems in mind, Rentuu is a sustainability focused, business-to-consumer platform that lets you hire everything from air mattresses to coffee machines. The whole hiring essentials for your new home thing couldn’t be easier, too – you simply select whatever items you need for hire and they will be delivered to you within 24-hours. You can even choose a convenient one-hour time slot for delivery. The collection process is just as simple, too, and, best of all, the longer you hire your items for, the cheaper they get.

You’ll no longer need to buy less-than-stellar stuff off Argos to survive a couple of weeks in an empty flat. Not only is hiring an air mattress or an iron (or a coffee machine, or a vacuum…you get the picture) more sustainable and eco-friendly than buying a low quality, knock-off version, but it’s also more convenient. If you opt for hiring house essentials in the short-term, you don’t have to worry about finding ways to store or remove them once you no longer need them. And, because Rentuu only works with leading businesses, you’ll have guaranteed, high-quality products filling in until the items you’ve ordered finally arrive. What’s not to love?! 

Basically, next time you move to an unfurnished home, you know where to turn to. Enjoy!

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