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Rent a Vacuum when you need it! even for a day...

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Parents coming for the WE to visit you in London?
You decided to invite friends for dinner but your flat is a mess?
Your room needs a cleanup but you don't have a vacuum?
Many of us are living in shared flat or rooms in London and not everyone has a proper vacuum for many different reasons. We are staying for a limited time in this room/flat and we are not going to buy it.
Even if we buy it we do not really have space to storage it.
Now in London, there is an incredible solution, you can rent it.
For a day, for a weekend, for 5 hours or choose!
You can easily find online a high-quality vacuum to hire, they deliver it to your door you use it for the desired time and they come to collect it after.
Money and space problem solved thanks to service.
On you can find many other products to rent online.
"I had to clean my flat, I know I could have someone coming to do it but I am not comfortable having a stranger at home, I hired a vacuum on and the service was perfect! I used it just for the WE and on Monday morning bye bye! I am moving out in 3 months so I really didn't want to buy it and rent it was the best option for me! (Alex, 27, Germany)
Don't save on quality, save on money and space!

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