Christmas is a distinctly manic time. So often we get lost in working out how to manage, we forget how very important it is to reflect on trends ensuring better success in the coming years. That makes sense, though - the frenzied time overwhelms many. For us, it’s much simpler: as all our orders go through our algorithm, matching the user to their perfect deal, everything is instantly archived with market insight. So we actually have rather interesting insight into the trends of what has been rented all over the country this Christmas. And of course, as usual, we’ll share these findings with you today.


Christmas is a time when companies splurge on staff parties. This impacts renting trends a lot. The types of orders we see for December are of totally different variety to many we receive outside the period. We thought we’d explore the biggest hits thus far this year, some surprising and some not whatsoever. We’ll just discuss the good ones, though - as who wants to hear about boring same old.

Holograms: They’re Actually Good Enough To Be Cool Now!

Holograms are something that has been talked about for decades. A very trendy concept, but we’ve never been anywhere near executing them. A couple of years ago, however, they was a major development: LED fans.

Although somewhat unspectacular at their early ages, they’ve developed to point of being a show-stealer now. Look at the video below

These obviously have been an item in high-demand this Christmas party season. The biggest and the smallest companies have opted for them as their main show-stealer.

  • 19% of parties in London opted for an LED fan

  • The technology is continuously developing and soon will be industry must-have item

VR and AR Headsets

Virtual and augmented reality are a big topic of conversation in the tech industry right now. And whilst most are opting for alcohol-orientated Christmas parties, some do like to for more what is considered fun activities. Such is the reason we facilitated the hiring of so many units.

They used them for gaming activities. Although they were somewhat unpopular up north, we found a lot of fintech startups hired them for their parties. And as companies of this sort will only grow, we can definitely see this getting much more traction next year.

  • Hewlett and Packard have invested $1 Billion into VR and AR technologies since 2015

  • A further three billion has been invested elsewhere, meaning the industry is one of the most financially backed

Aperol Spritz On Tap

An Instagram favourite, the demand for Aperol Spritz was high this festive season. It appeared that everyone wanted their evening to be the most photographable party this year. And who really wants to mix their own cocktail when you can have it on tap? A no-brainer, right?

  • Aperol had the biggest upturn in the alcohol industry in 2018, with their sales rising 98% in 2018


As said, it is important to reflect on trends to ensure future success. If you ever have any queries about the market, please do get in touch with our operations team and they will do their best to help you out.