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9 Reasons Why Rentuu is London’s Most Useful Startup

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

If you live in London, chances are you rely on at least one app on a next to regular basis. Whether it’s Uber, Deliveroo or CityMapper, there’s a whole bunch of super handy apps that help simplify our lives. But with the startup scene booming at a gobsmacking rate, there’s just as many useless tools out there as there are valuable ones. Sometimes, you gotta sift through the not-so-good stuff to get to the real winners, and we’re here to convince you that Rentuu is one of them.

Put your hands up if you’ve ever needed something, say, a barbeque, but, for whatever reason, didn’t want to go out and buy one? As we grow more conscious of our ecological footprint and the problem of overconsumption, our ‘need’ to buy stuff we hardly ever use continues to lessen. But sometimes, you really do need to use something, so what on Earth do you do?!

Simple. You rent it. Designed to be completely quick and hassle-free, Rentuu lets you hire an item of choice with just a few clicks. Specifically targeted at Londoners and those visiting London (with plans to eventually expand beyond the capital), it’s an invaluable tool we’ve long been waiting for. Here’s a list of reasons why it’s so awesome.

1. It’s super simple. There’s no fancy platform. You don’t have to call customer services or email anyone for a quote. You simply select the item you’re after, and with a few easy clicks, it’s all yours for hire.

2. It uses next-day courier delivery. You don’t need to go to a collection or drop-off point, nor do you need to wait days upon end for your delivery. Rentuu partnered up with London’s leading courier service to ensure your items are delivered safely and swiftly, and collected in the same way, too.

3. It’s the future of owning.  Most of us recognise that humans wreak a hell of a lot of havoc on the planet. One of the most pressing issues we have overconsumption. Tackling unnecessary waste may not be easy, but the sharing and renting economy is one step in the right direction.

4. It helps save storage space.  Few Londoners have the luxury of plentiful storage space, and some items are just so damn bulky, we’ve no idea where to put them. From baby car seats to air mattresses and air fans, Rentuu offers any type of item you occasionally need but have nowhere to store.

5. It also saves you big bucks. Consider the cost of buying a tent. Now, consider how many times you’ll actually end up using it. Sure, if you’re a die-hard camping fanatic you may want to invest in your own kit, but if your adventures in the wild are limited to one trip a year you’ll save loads of money by renting your tent instead.

6. It’s ideal for expats and visitors. When you first relocate to London, there’s an endless amount of stuff that needs sorting, and if you shackle up in a short-term let, chances are you won’t have everything you need for daily life. If, for example, you need your daily dose of caffeine but your Airbnb doesn’t have a coffee machine (blashempy!) - no problem, just rent one. Heat wave keeping you up at night in your over cramped rental? Don’t sweat it – just hire a fan. Best of all – the longer you hire an item, the cheaper it gets.

7. All items are 100% quality controlled. Unlike its competitors, Rentuu isn’t a P2P platform. The problem with P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing is that it’s a bit like diving into the unknown. There’s no guarantee what you’ll hire will be clean, functional, or even safe to use. Rentuu works directly with trusted businesses, all of whom ensure that the items for hire are 100% reliable.

8. Customer service is always at hand. You know when you’re trying to get through to BT, only to be put on hold for 243598 hours forced to listen to awful elevator music? Yeah, you won’t get that with Rentuu. As a small startup, the Rentuu team are entirely dedicated to their customers and are swift to answer any concerns or questions you have.

 9. A clutter-free, minimal life = a happier mind. This somewhat relates to point 3, but goes even deeper – having less clutter in your home has been linked to lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of contentment. So, a minimal lifestyle will not only benefit your wallet, the environment and your storage space, it will help keep your mind in the clear, too. What’s not to love?

So the next time you’re racking your brains on how to save more money or storage space, or if you’ve no idea how to accommodate residents, or if you simply need to borrow an item for a couple of weeks, you’ll remember this article and hire through Rentuu. You’re welcome!






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