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How Thorpe Park Used Event Marketing To Attract An Older Crowd This Summer

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

An event has the power to make you go places where you never really imagined going beforehand. This is why you see celebrity guests at nightclubs and dinosaurs at zoos, to pull crowds in like moths to a flame. It’s a tried-and-tested marketing strategy that works. As operators within the event industry, we like to keep a keen eye on who’s performing some real innovative marketing masterstrokes. And for us, the star of this summer has been Thorpe Park. 

When there, there’s not many places more fun than theme parks. The rides are beyond exhilarating and there seems to be a playful attitude that even the biggest grouch can’t ignore. Going, however, is the hard part. As an adult it just seems difficult to allocate time to going to a theme park as it can feel somewhat childish. This is something Thorpe Park’s marketing team realised and answered with one genus event marketing trick: Love Island Lates. 

Love Island lates

For a lot of millennials, summer isn’t summer without Love Island. Their sunny time of year only makes sense when they can tune into ITV2 at 9pm and see a bunch of twenty-somethings sunbathe and flirt. Without it, they’d be lost. Whilst the same thing seemingly happens each and every year, it’s hard to say that it isn’t a good watch.

The Power of Event Marketing - Why This Was Good

As said, the power of events is that it will likely bring in a new crowd or perhaps a previously detached one. Growing up in the UK, you’re guaranteed to have been to one of the UK’s theme parks, the most popular being Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. It is likely to forever to be associated with the unrivalled youthful joy you had then. But, as said, it’s difficult to make time for it now, you want to do other, more mature things with your precious free time. 


But, what if, Thorpe Park and all its youthful joy was paired with a liking of your adult life, too. Then the reason to go would be greater and legitimised in the eyes of a millennial. This is exactly what Thorpe Park did with Love Island Lates. They took the show of people’s summer and placed it on their own in-park beach, having stars of the show as guests. It proved to be a hit and we’re sure the attendance numbers will have soared like positive opinion of the park has on twitter.  

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You can do this

Thorpe Park’s marketing team acknowledge a market they could engage and found a seamless way to do it. For you to take full advantage of the benefits of event marketing you simply have to do something of the same variety; acknowledge a distant market and find a way to pull them in like, as we said, a moth to a flame. 

Always keep us in mind

And when you do this, always keep in mind our proposition: we will make the organising of your event as simple as possible. How? Our algorithm will find you the best deal with local suppliers within seconds. We’ll then pick that item up, deliver it, and then pick it up again. After that, one of the most adverse obstacles when it comes to renting equipment is having to deal with multiple suppliers and several invoices. So we solved that, too - with us you only have one. As seen with Thorpe Park, putting an event on is an extremely rewarding marketing strategy and it is our ardent goal to make it simple for all businesses out there. 

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