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Travelling with friends? Here's the trick to maximising your Airbnb capacity

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

What can be more exciting than travelling? A trip with your nearest and dearest, of course! With tourists' increasing tendency to cohabit in rented accommodation, travelling with your mates has become easier than it ever has been before. But how do you go about finding a suitable place to stay and ensure everyone has a comfortable night of sleep without resorting to renting a humongous (and crazy expensive) abode?! 

First, you need to make sure your rental is suited for the number of people travelling. Even if it seems spacious based on the photos, read the reviews to try and decipher whether it's actually as spacious as it looks. Next, make sure you've enough bathrooms, especially if you're travelling in a group of 4+ people. Nobody likes a shower queue in the morning, so you'll do yourself a lot of favours to find a place that's got enough of 'em. 

Once you've found your perfect, roomy abode, you'll be able to plan your next, and, arguably, the most imperative step of your travel planning plan: sorting out the sleeping arrangement. 

Think about it: if you're all paying equally for your accommodation, why in the world would you or any of your friends sacrifice the comfort of your holiday?

The solution is really very simple: just rent a fold out bed (or two, or three) for the duration of your stay.  And if you think that sounds like a hassle, think again. offers tourists (and local Londoners, of course) the opportunity to hire an extra bed with pretty much no effort. All you have to do is go online, select your bed, choose a delivery date and voila -- your extra sleeping space is with you within 24 hours! Better yet, it's also collected from your place when you no longer needed. In essence, you get maximum time to spend on the actual fun bits of being in London, vs. the annoying bits that are involved in sorting out the logistics. 

So, the gist of what we're saying here is this: hire a fold out bed for your next rental holiday experience to add extra comfortable sleeping space for those additional guests (both expected and unexpected). They, and their backs will have a lot to thank you for!

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