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Visiting London? Here's How to Make Your Stay Unforgettable.

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

London is a city unlike any other in the world. Rich in history, culture, fine dining and shopping, the metropolis has enough to cater to virtually any taste. Looking for hip bars and trendy coffee hangouts? Head on over to Hackney. Want to be gape at Instagram-worthy, candy coloured houses? Notting Hill and Chelsea are your friends. And who can forget the gorgeous, old-world bohemian buzz of Hampstead? Or the always-buzzing beat that is Soho? 

There are literally hundreds of reason to visit London, so we'll just assume you've been convinced and are actively planning your next trip.

But how can you make sure your getaway is truly memorable? 

Here are three things you should do to ensure your stay is unforgettable:

1. Stay in beautiful, Victorian home, hand-selected by OneFineStay

Where you stay in London can make or break your experience. And while hotels may be better suited to some travellers, renting short-term accommodation can be both more comfortable and less costly for most others. But how do you know the rental will live up to your standards? Unlike hotels, it's difficult to find trusted reviews of accommodation. That's why OneFineStay does the heavy lifting for you, sourcing only the most outstanding properties in London. You can rest assured that whatever you choose through OneFineStay will go above and beyond your expectations. 

2. Customise your rental with essentials from

So, you've found your dream accommodation -- only to discover it's not quite perfectly kitted out as you would have hoped. If, for example, you're travelling with a young child, you'll like find you need a last minute stroller or a car seat. Or perhaps you need to find an extra air bed for a friend who wants to stay at yours. Whatever the case, is the go-to for all your customised needs. Designed with the busy globetrotter in mind, ordering a rental delivery will only take a couple of minutes of your time, and will be collected from you once you're done. Your dream holiday just got a whole lot more convenient! 

3. Use a concierge service to spend time on things that actually matter. 

Arguably, the only real downside to London is how big the damn city is. Why is this a drawback? Because it can virtually take forever to get a handful of things done. Enter Henchman, an exclusive concierge service for Londoners. Need to run some dry cleaning errands? Your concierge can do that for you. Looking to do a big food shop, but don't want to waste your time in the supermarket? Concierge it up! Thanks to Henchman, you can now focus on spending time in London only doing the things you genuinely want to be doing.

If you follow our tips, your time in London is guaranteed to be incredible. Enjoy! 


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