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Event Planning Tips

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Although deeply rewarding, a career in events is a distinctly difficult. There are endless obstacles, each of which can have a detrimental impact on your event. 

Considering that it’s totally natural for event professional to beseech tips as this stuff is pretty damn hard! And we are happy to divulge all the knowledge that we’ve gathered as the UK’s largest rental marketplace, as there’s a very strong chance it could help you out. 

We’re in constant contact with those who work at the UK’s top agencies - helping them source the very best for their event, making it the best it can be. As we’re always in contact, we regularly seek their advice on the industry, which we then correlate with our own research and musings to give you the very best advice!

Social Media Advice 

Social media: it can be your best friend, the one you turn to in times of hardship, or it can be your enemy, the one who’ll kick you when you’re down. Making it your friend, that’s the hard part.It requires knowhow and most importantly, devotion. Anyhow, we know a fair bit about the power of social media, and more importantly to you, how to harness that power. Below is several musings from us on how to do that. 

5 Foolproof Instagram Hacks to Up Your Event Ticket Sales
 - Find out how to leverage Instagram to boost your ticket sales.

How to Build a Buzz for Your Event With Instagram
 - Engage your guests before they've even attended your event with these Instagram hacks. 

Event Planning

It’s stressful planning an event - the facets to consider are endless. This is why the internet is such a good resource, there are countless event professionals around the world with a fountain of knowledge willing to spare such anecdotes and findings.This is including us. We worked with event professionals, and as such, know generally what to look out for. 

5 Corporate Event Planning Mistakes You Are Probably Making 
- Nobody is immune to mistakes - what matters is how you address and avoid them. 

3 Common Event Planning Mistakes You Are Probably Making
- Find out what event faux pas are most common so you don't make the same mistakes over and over again. 

Tricks that Will Make Your Conference More Sustainable  - If you want to embrace sustainability but don't know where to start, take a look at these tips.

10 Websites to Spark An Event Manager's
Imagination - Stuck in a creative event planner rut? Take a look at these websites and get inspired. 

Avoid a Dry Hire Nightmare: 5 Questions to Ask Your Venue Provider
 - We've put together a checklist of questions to ask your dry hire venue provider. 

How Rentuu Helps

And obviously we can help with the general hardships you may be facing daily: problems such as unresponsive suppliers; unclear pricing that catches you off guard and resultantly has you paying through the roof; admin, admin, admin.We make your life easier, simpler, and perhaps most importantly, cheaper. This where we talk about exactly how we do that. 

Stop Relying on Dated Methods for Event Rentals and Do this Instead
 - Find out how you can s
treamline your processes, simplify your workload as well as save money and time. 

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